2015-05-13 News
Super Heavy Duty PP strapping
We provide extremely high tensile strength PP strapping for particular packaging solutions. Polypropylene (PP) materials normally has a good flexibility with a workable tensile strength for light weight packaging. For certain industrial packaging requirements, the stiff PET strap would directly damage the packed carton or goods. For this situation, high tensile strength PP straps is innovated for customers who are looking for flexible strap surface with a high tensile breaking capabilities to protect goods from unexpected damage during the strapping. 
The specifications of High Tensile Strength PP Straps can be customised upon request. 
STRAPPING SPECIFICATIONS (200,280,400mm core available)
12 x 0.80mm - 300kgs
12 x 0.90mm - 330kgs
12 x 1.00mm - 350kgs
15 x 0.80mm - 340kgs
15 x 0.90mm - 360kgs
15 x 1.00mm - 380kgs 
19 x 0.80mm - 360kgs 
19 x 0.90mm - 380kgs
19 x 1.00mm - 400kgs 
25 x 1.00mm - 600kgs
All colour and core size upon request
If you are interested in our high tensile strength PP straps, please do not hesitate to contact with us. It is pleasure to discuss with you for more your business needs. 
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